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Local Attractions

Sharm El Sheikh is the place to explore the Sinai desert, its many attractive beaches and historical sites. Its crystal clear waters are home to some of the richest coral reefs in the world and the area has long been a haven for divers. Take a jeep tour, a camel ride or arrange for a Bedouin dinner.

Sinai comprises mostly barren desert mountains. The incredible, stark scenery of the region is punctuated by lush oases and is home to a rich variety of birds and wildlife, as well as local Bedouins who still live simple lives in the heart of the desert with their traditional customs mostly intact.

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Desert Experiences

  • Safaris
  • Bedouin dinner
  • St. Catherine's Monastery & Mount Moses
  • The Coloured Canyon
  • Nabq Protectorate
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Red Sea

  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Snorkeling Trips
  • Private Boats
  • Aquascope submarine
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